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30" Magnetic Car Bows
  • Made in USA
  • Our most popular bow!
  • 30 inch diameter bows with two 5.5 inch x 30 inch long tails.
  • Available in eight popular colors: red, white, blue, green, gold, silver, pink, & patriotic.
22" Magnetic Car Bows
  • Made in USA
  • Our most popular affordable deluxe car bow!
  • 22 inch diameter bows with two 4 inch x 22 inch long tails.
  • Available in eight popular colors: red, white, blue, green, gold, silver, pink, and patriotic.
17" Reindeer Antler Car Set
  • Guaranteed to Bring in Traffic to Your Dealership
  • Patented durable kit consists of two 17" antlers with window clip and one 6" red fabric nose
  • Soft wire attachment to nose for easy installation to grill
  • Made of weatherproof fabric and plastic
12" Windshield Pull Bows
  • Bows come in easy to ship flat packages
  • Simply pull the string and a bow is created
  • Conveniently ties to supplied suction cup
  • 28 loops in each bow for a fuller look
  • Available in 6 colors: Metallic red, metallic green, metallic blue, metallic gold, metallic silver, and white
  • Designed to be used either indoors or outdoors
  • Weather resistant
Velvet Structural Bows
  • Our giant structural velvet bows are 36 inches wide and are constructed of durable indoor/outdoor velvet with gold lame trime. These are our premium bows for those who want a really special car bow.

Car Bow Store is the leading manufacturer of car bows in the United States. Companies large and small, especially auto dealerships utilize our bows for product launches and to promote their business during the holiday season. Moreover our large bows are used year round for the finishing touch on large gifts such as cars, trucks, boats, houses, washing machines, motorcycles, and much more.

Car Bows are often used on special gifts such as on the gift of a car to a teenager on their 16th birthday. Our customers frequently tell us that the recipients of gifts adorned with our bows are more impressed and excited to receive the bow, than the gift itself. This is the kind of impact that you can only achieve with a large, impressive bow.

Our 22 inch and 30 inch vinyl bows are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in the United States. Every component of these bows are carefully thought out, from the deluxe shiny vinyl material that our bows are made of, to the premium coated magnets which will not scratch your car, right down to the environmentally friendly adhesive and nylon fastener with which our bows are held together. All of these bows are hand crafted by expert bow makers with many years of experience.

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