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House Bows - Big Front Door House Bow

Our big front door bows are a unique product line that we invented and developed upon the request of Real Estate agents and Real Estate Developers for a system to easily hang and remove big bows from houses to create photo opportunities and long-lasting holiday decorations that do not cause any damage to the house.

Our front door bows are the easiest way to hang a bow on a door that will last! No messy adhesives! No tape! Just hang the bow on the door and you are done! These bows hold up in the elements for years and will hold strong on the door without coming loose or causing any damage.

Our beautiful, durable giant bows are outfitted with a unique hardware system that easily locks into our proprietary metal door hanger. The door hanger is constructed of black iron and is designed to slip over any standard-sized door without causing damage. Our giant bows can be easily installed without any fuss or muss. Our big bows are manufactured from durable PVC ribbon to withstand the elements. This make them ideal for apartment complexes, home owners and real estate developments. These bows can also withstand the rigor of constant hanging and removal that is required for real estate agents and developers who wish to use these to create photo opportunities with recent home buyers.

Real Estate Agents & Developers – Big Bows for Front Doors Should Be In Your Marketing Plan!

Residential real estate is an extremely competitive business. Real Estate agents and Home Developers must find creative ways to stand out from the competition. Placing a Big Bow on the front door of recently sold home creates a memorable once-in-a-lifetime "Picture Perfect" experience for buyers that will help build long-term relationships and ultimately lead to future sales.

What better way to welcome a family to their new home than with a big bow greeting them on the front door on the day of closing or moving day? As a realtor, you are acknowledging the excitement of the client and family in purchasing a new home at a critical moment in their life and creating a memorable photo opportunity.

The big bow on the front door is a perfect setting for a photo of the new owners arriving at their dream homes. At the closing of each sale, Realtors and Real Estate Developers will take a picture of the smiling family in front of their new home. Take a photo of clients with the bow and post them on social media, hang them throughout your real estate office or the model home in the development, or have them made into a calendar, card, or another product to distribute to prospective customers or to send to your buyers as a way to commemorate the anniversary of their home purchase. This will serve as a reminder of your professional services should they have a friend or family who might require your services.

Buyers cannot resist the opportunity to take a photo in front of their new house with the big bow. Imagine your buyers taking pictures of their family in front of their new home with the big bow. These pictures will then be posted on the internet including social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, acting as a promotion for your real estate services. Keep in mind that 64% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family according to the National Association of Realtors. When prospective buyers see these photos shared on social media, there is an excitement and level of interest generated by friends and family of the buyers that helps lead to future sales.

Decorate During the Holiday Season

Our big front door bows are used by home owners, apartment complexes, real estate developers, and realtors during the holiday season to add a festive touch that makes customers feel valued.

  • Apartment complexes use our bows on the front doors of their offices to create a cheerful holiday display that is easy to install and remove and makes tenants feel at home. Home Owners are attracted to our big front door bows for the same reasons.
  • Real Estate developers often decorate with big bows on the front door of every house in a newly developed neighborhood to create an easy, festive atmosphere that encourages people to buy.
  • Real Estate Agents use our bows as a finishing touch on a house that sells near the holiday season. This creates a great photo opportunity and helps to leave buyers with a lasting positive feeling about their real estate agent.