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Christmas Bows

36 Inch Velvet Windshield Car Bow

Making a statement through the Christmas season has never been easier. Our car bows are created from elegant and luxurious materials and are a great option for more than just the cars being given as gifts. These large styles of bows can be used to decorate through the holiday season.

Magnetic Car Bows for Holiday Bows

Our magnetic car bows are offered in red, white, green, blue, silver, and gold and are the perfect choice for the holiday season. They can be used to decorate storefronts and magnetic surfaces in the home for an easy and mess-free way to decorate. The large styles of bows are the perfect choice for fireplace mantles, large mirrors in the home and even used to decorate exterior surfaces. The magnetic bows are easy to use and come in 22 inch and 30 inch sizes, creating a bright red statement for the holiday season.

Magnetic car bows are the best choice for large gifts, especially for people that want to avoid spending time scraping off the residue that is left behind when traditional bows are placed on gifts. Simply peel up the magnet from the bow and easily remove the bow from the surface.

Velvet Structural Bows as Holiday Décor

Large velvet bows are a traditional choice to decorate throughout the holiday season. We offer our structural bows in a vibrant red color with elegant gold trim sewn along the edges of the ribbon. These traditional bows are a great choice to deck the halls inside, and outside, and are particularly popular for homeowners wishing to add something special to the front-door of the home.

Velvet car bows are created with the traditional shape, making them the perfect choice for the holiday season. Created in the traditional form with two extending tails from the bottom of the bow, the classic design can be used year after year in the holiday décor.

Windshield Car Bows for Holiday Decor

Windshield car bows are a logical choice for the holidays, especially if multiples are going to be used throughout the home to decorate and to affix to large gifts that are being given. The inexpensive bows are available for less than ten dollars and can create a sense of elegance with the bold, metallic styles that are available.

The gorgeous bows are easily attached to any type of gift to create a signature look for the present. Green and red can be chosen for traditional holiday décor, but colors like white, yellow and silver can be easily integrated into the holiday décor. Thick ribbon and pull-style bows are a classic look that can be used season after season.

Celebrating the holiday season with bold decorations means finding options that are going to draw attention to the home or business. Whether you choose velvet bows, pull style bows or magnetic bows that can be easily attached and removed, the bows can be easily integrated into the holiday décor year after year.

Customers can shop online for the best selection of holiday bows and to choose custom colors and styles that are going to match your vision for holiday décor.