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Custom Feather Flags

Our custom printed feather flags are digitally printed in the United States with vibrant inks on durable polyester. We use only the finest quality inks to ensure maximum durability and fade-resistance. Add your company name, logo, or slogan to draw attention to your business. These flags can be used in many applications including outdoors in front of your business or indoors at trade shows and sporting events. We offer custom printed swooper flags in with a one-sided imprint and our wind-free flags are offered with a one-sided or two-sided imprint. Turn-around time is just 2-3 business days + shipping time after proof approval.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Feather Flags

Establishing and maintaining a cohesive and recognizable brand image is essential for both new and established businesses. To create this kind of recognition, companies must employ advertising and promotional campaigns to increase their visibility and ultimately establish a loyal customer-base. A recent study showed that 89% of marketers believe that brand awareness is the single most important goal of their marketing efforts. Creating a memorable logo and website is only the beginning of establishing brand awareness. To maintain it, your business needs to draw attention with a cohesive promotional strategy, which can sometimes take the form of signage such as custom feather flags. Promotional advertising helps to make customers’ first impression of your business positive, which is critical. Custom feather flags help companies achieve these branding and promotional objectives.


Creating a memorable connection with your customers is a crucial part of developing and maintaining a brand image. The unique design of the logo and advertisement materials should aim to create a connection in the customers’ minds between the design and the brand. Choosing to decorate with custom feather flags allows you to include the colors and logo associated with your brand outside your business, thus increasing its recognition. If a customer can associate more than one brand element with your business, the connection in their memories becomes deeper. Custom feather flags are perfect for outdoor placement, and customizing them to match other design elements of your company will help to enhance the strength of your brand.


Custom feather flags are an effective solution for attracting potential customers to a retail location, advertising events or shows, and announcing promotions or sales. These flags have the ability to capture the attention of people walking or driving by. Because they flutter in the wind, feather flags mimic the motion of a hand wave, thus inviting the customers to visit your business. Customizing feather flags gives you the opportunity to display your logo and signature colors, thus enhancing your branding efforts. Having custom feather flags near a retail location can help attract more customers to visit your business and trigger your company in their mind subconsciously when they think about the products or services you offer. The flags can also be used to advertise special offers and appealto people's desire to seek out bargains.

Visibility of Physical Location

Established businesses typically operate using a variety of sales channels. For small business owners or those who have just started a new business, their retail location may be their only sales channel, which meansthe visibility of their physical location is crucial for the profitability of the business. Using custom feather flags for directions can help your potential customers find the actual physical location of your business and its entrance. In case your building is difficult to find, you can always use several flags to give directions to the drivers. Vibrant colors and concise copy will lead potential customers straight to your store.

Special Events

Making your company friendly and inviting for both your customers and employees is essential for the prosperity of the business. While such details as feather flags may seem too small to be noticed, they can actually create a long-lasting impression. Custom feather flags can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they will work effectively for special company events. Many companies invite their employees for events outside of work, like a company BBQ or physical activities. Placing custom feather flags will make the events more festive and create a sense of company-pride. If your brand is participating in a business fair, custom flags will make it distinct among many other businesses.They will help your business communicate your message effectively and extend the invitation to the customers to learn more about your company.

Designing custom feather flags can greatly increase your brand awareness and advertising efforts. Because of the attractive colors and inviting shapes, feather flags can help your business achieve greater visibility and memorability and can help to establish a connection with new customers. Small business owners will find custom feather flags particularly useful for driving physical traffic to their store and established businesses will benefit from using custom feather flags as an important element in brand promotion and maintenance.