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Red Bows

30 Inch Red Velvet Car Bow

There are many ways that we can decorate the home for the holidays, but one of the best ways to make an impact is to choose a big red bow. Red bows are created to make a statement and can be attached to the eaves, doorways, garages, and even to the front door of a home. Red bows are a great option for homeowners that are searching for something special. We carry several varieties of red bows including our giant red structural bows with gold fringe, our red metallic pull bows, and our weatherproof vinyl bows which come in 22 inch and 30 inch varieties. All of our bows include tails which extend from the bottom to enhance the appearance.

Our most popular style of bow for home décor use throughout the holidays are our big red bows that with gold trim. These bows are offered in our huge thirty six inch variety elegant tails that are three feet long. This is a popular choice for homeowners that are seeking an elegant addition to the home. These come with handsome gold edges and are constructed of weatherproof velvet which will hold to the elements for many years.

Some big red bows that used for holiday décor are placed outside through the holiday season. Our durable fabrics and materials which include features such reinforced stitching throughout the bottom of the bow, and durable PVC construction on our weatherproof bows ensure that the homeowner can reuse our bows throughout the holiday seasons.

Red, gold, white, green, and silver bows are popular choices throughout the holiday season. Our large car bows are versatile enough to be used throughout the home and décor – but also to be placed on oversized gifts that are given throughout the holiday season. For charities and other special events that are taking place through the holiday season, like the popular car raffles that are used to raise money throughout the holidays, the large car bows are a perfect choice to give that prize car the piece of holiday cheer. Buying the car bows has never been easier than with Car Bow Store!