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Automobile Dealers: A Bow for Every Purchase Should be in your Marketing Plan

Automobile Dealers: A Bow for Every Purchase Should be in your Marketing Plan

Selling cars is a very competitive business. Automobile dealers need to establish methods to differentiate themselves from the competition. One very useful strategy for building good customer relationships is to provide a big bow for every deal. Not only will you establish a connection with your buyer but most likely your buyers will inform everyone who sees the bow – such as neighbors and acquaintances of the source. What fantastic advertising for your business! If the car is a gift even more people will find out how innovative your dealership is. A word of mouth recommendation is a very strong marketing strategy. The cost of this approach is minimal in comparison with many other procedures including, print or internet campaigns or phone contacts.

The Family Car – An Opportunity for Referrals

For most families, the purchase of a car is an exciting time. Sometimes the purchase is indicative of a life change and is truly a time for celebration. A new car can reflect the beginning of a family. The sports car is no longer suitable for mother and baby. As an alternative, the purchase of an SUV is in the cards. At other times it may signal a promotion at work. With that promotion comes a better salary and a way to afford the car of their dreams. Perhaps the family is preparing a road trip vacation. Part of the preparation is to make sure the vehicle is reliable. A new car relieves the worry of a breakdown in a foreign country or far away from civilization. Sometimes the car is a gift for a son or daughter for graduation, for a new romantic interest or for an elderly parent to ensure their safety. No matter what the reason for the visit to your showroom everyone will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you offer a bow to go with their new car.

Social Media Exposure

It is likely your client will take a photo, or perhaps many photos of the new vehicle along with the owner to be posted on social media. Most likely the discussion and comments will circulate about the way the family acquired the car and the bow, providing your business with a promotion for your services.

Extending Your Reach

Most people who purchase a car will be delighted to receive a giant car bow, even if it means that they will place the bow on their car for a week to impress their neighbors and then return the bow to you to be donated to a worthy cause. Once you put the policy in place to provide a big bow with every purchase, you will develop some unique strategies for their use to suit your community. With every person that the bows touches comes an opportunity for the recognition of your business.