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Local Advertising with Feather Flags!

Local Advertising with Feather Flags!

Feather Flags are an effective way for local businesses to promote their company and increase sales. There are many important reasons to choose this type of advertising.

Despite our global economy, where many modern businesses must promote themselves and appeal to an international clientele; there are still many small companies that cater to their local community and rely on strictly local customers. "Small businesses account for 99.7% of all businesses in the US" according to Small Business Saturday Statistics. These small local businesses are critical to our communities as they provide local residents with goods and services that would otherwise not be available.

One significant factor that contributes to the success of any venture is advertising. This can be a major investment, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, whether it takes the form of signs, internet marketing, radio, or television advertisements. One effective method of attracting attention to your business is through the use of outdoor signage like feather flags.

Many Americans spend upwards of 20 hours in their cars a week, typically commuting to their places of work. This is more time than most people spend watching TV or reading. Smart business owners take advantage of this and attract the attention of a massive number of customers through the use of local signage along busy streets. These passerbys are the same people who need your services, and your place of business is conveniently located in their pathway of travel.

When contemplating an advertising campaign, it is important to consider the most effective means to attract their attention in an economical but convincing way! One very cost effective way for businesses to advertise to the clients that live and work in their area is with feather flags. This medium is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. The most significant reason for their popularity is that this form of advertising is very effective, especially for locally-based businesses. Whether you are a car dealership, car wash, or auto repair shop, you need to reach out to your immediate community.

Feather Flags Advantages

Feather flags have many advantages over traditional advertising methods such as billboards or fixed signs.


Often smaller ventures exist in malls positioned next to many other businesses. Large permanent signs are difficult to erect both financially and legally. Sometimes all of the prime real estate for signage has already been acquired, and your business may have to settle for a less attractive location. In contrast, a feather flag is an immediate way to announce your services prominently and close to the road to attract clients as they walk, ride public transportation, or drive past. Feather Flags are usually displayed very close to your business, so it acts as a greeting to your clients as well as advertising.


Another advantage of using a feather flag is that it is easily adaptable. One month you may try one campaign with a Custom Printed Feather Flag and the next month you can change the message to promote a different product or service. Feather flags are extremely cost-effective, which allows you to stretch your advertising dollars further to make your appeal to your clients in many different ways.

Attention Getting

Feather flags have the advantage of movement with the wind serving as your engine for attention-getting. Static billboards and signs have proven their worth for decades, but the fluttering of a feather flag, along with its placement so close to the traffic does get noticed.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Feather Flags

Traffic Statistics

You can gather information about how many people see your signs every day by researching the number of people passing by in cars, buses and other vehicles. If your enterprise is on a busy street there is also the potential of many pedestrians. You will discover the hidden value of your busy location.

Just Ask

When a new client interacts with your business, just ask what brought them into your shop. Another option would be to entice them to tell you more by filling out a brief survey for free products or a discount.

Location is critical for retail businesses. If your company is located in an area with high traffic, it is critical to capture the attention of individuals who pass by your business and turn them into customers. Feather flags are an extremely effective and economical way to communicate your offerings to these passerbys and convert them into customers!